The Call of the Stone

Behold the Gold

The Call of the Stone

Behold the Gold

Lunchtime Hero

A New Dawn

The Empty Planet

Love, War & Peace

Web3 Essays & Episodes

Golden Hope

In the bleak midwinter, We plant seeds, Because we know that if these rains are good for anything, It is pounding the dryness and desolation into good...

How and Why Creators Decide to Distribute Content as NFTs

TL;DR First a creator must create quality content. Then they must decide whether or not they want to sell that content, because there are benefits...

Free NFTs: How they work today

Free NFTs are a fairly common feature of the NFT space. There is already a lot of diversity, but we can group the different...

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Short Stories (2021)

The Black Butterfly

Taiwo has studied quantum physics her whole life. Now a top London startup claims that it has cracked the code for time travel. What lies in store for Taiwo as she examines their incredible claims?

Every Dog Has His Day

A secluded island. A cute dog named Oscar. The perfect way to wait out the pandemic?

The Big Picture

A rich young socialite is having an art gala to celebrate her birthday. So why is a former intelligence agent in attendance?

Me, Myself & I

Good Friday

Sound of the Underground

The Keys

Just the Two of Us

The Family