Our Choices Are Seeds

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If you come to me seeking my advice, be ready for me to gather up my robe and sit like some ancient king. I won’t offer you a sword and urge you to cut your matter in two. Instead, I will offer you this simple adage: our choices are seeds.

Life gives us options, and each option holds within it consequences to come. Our choices are seeds; we can choose which to plant, in order to get the harvest that we desire. We think ourselves judges, tasked with weighing evidence and making the right decision, when in fact, we are all gardeners, here to plant and cultivate.

Your decision then becomes easy, you choose the option that will get you to the place you want to be. I have learned to see my future in the choices I have today. I make my decisions backwards. I start by seeing my garden blossoming, blooming; then I work back, to the seed that starts it all.

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