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A Tale of Two Nuns and Two Buses

Two nuns, Maria and Lydia, left the convent hurriedly. They were attending a conference in the neighbouring town. They walked quickly to the main road, only to see the bus they intended to catch driving away.

Waiting at the bus stop, one nun sat silently, serenely, the other silently scowling. Mary, the serene nun seemed to grow more at peace and content with every passing moment. Lydia, the scowling nun, lingered in her discontent. Eventually, she turned to her companion.

“What are you so cheerful about?” Lydia asked. “We just missed our bus.”

“The bus we missed is gone and is no longer our concern,” said Mary. “Is our time not better spent joyfully awaiting the bus that is yet to come and will usher us to our destination?”

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