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Again and Again

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If I am keeping count correctly, this is the twenty-fifth time I have lived this day. The first few times I thought that it was a dream, or de ja vu. The third time I was just confused. The fourth time is when it hit me. Every object, every person, everyone action, every word was the same. I wake up; I get ready for work. The radio gives the same news reports and the same weather forecast for the day. The same day. Again and Again. I get on the train. I see the same faces, getting on and off the same stops. When it is my turn to get off, I am shoulder to shoulder with the same commuters as we make the trek out of the station. I get to work and I have the same meetings; the same conversations around the coffee machine. Some days I wake up and the familiarity is a comfort. Other days, the repetition claws at me. I am sure that this is happening for a reason. Perhaps there is someone who I need to find, or someone I should avoid. Maybe I need to make something happen, or I prevent something from happening. I do not know why I am stuck in this loop, but I certainly have the time to figure it out. 

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