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AI Technology: The Stuff Dreams are Made Of

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The fact that none of these women are real scares some people.

I admit, as with all technology, there is potential for the ability to create any image your mind can think of to be abused. However, I am excited by the creative potential of this technology.

As someone who has never had the time to get beyond basic competency with tools such as Photoshop, the intuitive nature of tools such as Midjourney opens up a whole new world to me. When I write a short story, I can have the visual depiction of my character in a matter of minutes. Soon, I will be able to create short films based on my stories without picking up a camera or jumping into a complicated editing suite.

But I’m not just thinking about myself – I’m thinking of the young girl in Ekiti, Nigera who dreams of starting her own fashion line but does not have the resources to produce her designs or hold a photo shoot. Emerging technology offers her a fast lane to putting her ideas on the world stage and realising her dreams.

As someone who works in tech, I’m excited to build the future, but I think what excites me the most is the potential of the people we are building for.

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