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Pari walked up the bank towards the cottage, his fishing rod and bait bucket in hand. It was early, but he was expecting a call from his youngest daughter so he needed to get back to the cottage. Everything around him was sparkling in the evening sun. He loved this time of day. The beauty of the natural world around him filled him with joy and gratitude. He was grateful that he had managed to fulfil his one true ambition in life: to live by the sea and fish every day.

The dream life that Pari was living in his later years was a stark contrast to his middle years. Middle-aged Pari had spent most evenings in a car, surrounded by cars, gazing out at the shimmering atmosphere created by the combination of sunlight and whatever chemicals were being pumped out by the cars’ exhausts. The iridescent haze only served as more motivation to achieve his life’s ambition.

As Pari got close to the cottage he saw a man at his gate.

“Good afternoon Mr Ajayi, I’m from the Henton Corporation,” said the man. “We have a new offer for you.”

“I’m still not interested,” Pari replied.

“I think you’ll change your mind when you see the figure we…” the man paused as Pari swung his fishing rod, gently tapping the man’s shoulder and guiding him out of the way.

“I won’t change my mind,” Pari said as he passed through the gate waist-high gate.

“One million dollars,” the man said as Pari closed the gate behind him.

Pari looked up from the gate, looking the man straight in the eye.

“You could add two more zeroes and I still wouldn’t give up my home,” said Pari.

The man sighed, “The Henton Corporation will keep sending us, they are ready to start building the dam.”

“I guess that means I’ll see you again sometime,” said Pari. “Have a nice trip home and maybe come earlier in the day next time, you can come fishing with me.”

Pari entered the cottage and closed the door behind him.

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