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Exploring Mental Health Through Art & NFTs | Esther Kuforiji In Conversation with Kevin Kiggs

In this episode, I am in conversation with Kevin Kiggs, a Nairobi-based 3D artist and graphic designer.

Kiggs has been in the NFT space for about a year, and his art mainly focuses on the theme of mental health. His art also focuses on Photorealism, a genre of art in which an artist reproduces an image as realistically as possible.

Kiggs started his journey into the world of art because he gets a form of power when he creates, which makes him feel like he can make anything from scratch. Kiggs started by doing basic drawings with a pencil, and then he moved on to using biro. At that time, Kiggs was in high school and was really into computers. He came across a free Open Source 3D creation suite app called Blender, and that really helped him to start his journey.

Before getting into the NFT space, Kiggs did his research by watching tutorials and exploring platforms. Once he was well-versed, he was finally ready to make his mark in the NFT space.

Now in the NFT space, Kiggs is using his voice and his own experiences with mental health to help the NFT community.

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LinkedIn: Kevin Kiggs
Faces Collection: FACES by Kiggs

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