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“Where are you going?” Soji from Accounts asks, we are leaving the office at the same time.

“Not sure, I think I’ll just take a walk,” I say, “I’m not really hungry, I just feel like some fresh air.”

I wander down the road in front of the office. A couple of streets down from the office is a square and at the centre of it is a fountain.

The summer sun reflects off the waters, light is thrown in all directions. I step closer. Then I see them. There are hundreds, thousands of coins beneath the water.

They were probably wishing, all of the people who dropped their coins into the water. They thought, somehow, that this combination of water, currency and light could give them the breakthrough they sought. I pull out my own coin. I hold it above the water. I think for a moment. Will I too devolve my hopes, dreams and prayers to an empty action? Or is there a fountain, a well within me that I can draw from for this moment?

I pull my hand back and place the coin back in my pocket. I stand up and begin the short walk back to the office.

“How was your walk?” Soji asks as we both walk back into the office.

“Enlightening,” I say.

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