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Here’s what Amazon, Eventbrite, Twitter, Netflix and others should be building for NFTs

In the future, we will use NFTs in a wide variety of ways. NFT creators have already begun to build unique utility into their NFT projects, however many of the tools they need do not yet exist. Here’s what I think some of our favourite companies should be building for NFTs.

Amazon and Shopify: NFTs that give you discounts and perks

One day, a large proportion of authors/makers/brands will offer NFTs to their communities and audiences. Amazon needs to start building functionality that enables shoppers to authenticate their NFTs and get author/maker/brand mandated discounts or free products. Shoppers could even receive NFTs when they buy certain products.

Eventbrite and Meetup: NFTs that show where you have been

Eventbrite needs to enable event hosts to assign proof of attendance tokens (like POAP) when people attend digital and physical events. These would act as digital ticket stubs to remind people of events they have enjoyed and signal their attendance to others.

Zoom, Twitter Spaces, Clubhouse and Instagram Live: NFTs that let you join the conversation

Social video and audio platforms need to facilitate creators gating access to their calls and conversations to owners of their tokens. This also applies to Eventbrite and Meetup with regard to entry into physical events.

Youtube, Netflix and Spotify: NFTs that give you access to content

Video content and audio platforms like Youtube, Netflix and Spotify need to enable creators to gate videos, shows, films and music to people who own their NFTs.

NFT creators are going to become increasingly innovative with the types of utility they build into their NFTs. Companies from Amazon to Netflix need to empower creators in the ways I have listed above, or risk new Web 3.0 ready platforms swooping in and replacing them.

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