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Here’s why every NFT project has a Discord Server

Discord has become the platform of choice in the NFT community. Let’s explore why:

What is Discord?

Discord is a group communications platform. Individual communities using the platform are known as servers. Individual servers are made up of topic-based channels where members can communicate via text messages and various other media. Discord also supports audio and video calling, as well as live-streaming and co-watching. If you have used Slack, you will be somewhat familiar with the Ui.

A Little History

Soon after it was launched, Discord found great adoption in the gaming communities. Since then, it has increasingly found adoption by internet-first communities: communities of people who have met each other on the internet as opposed to real life. With early NFT projects like Cryptopunks using Discord, this trend has endured and now having a Discord server is pretty much a pre-requisite for an NFT project.

A Place for Questions

Because the NFT community is relatively young and nascent, users have a lot of questions. A Discord server allow people to reach out to NFT creators and find out more about the project, the art, the roadmap, etc.

A Place for Community

Some of the most influential NFT projects we have seen to date are PFP projects. As I noted a few days ago, PFP projects are about art and identity. PFP projects create a shared identity and Discord servers have become a place to translate that shared identity into a shared community.

Big on Bots

Another key reason why Discord is such a crucial part of NFT communities is the availability of a wide variety of Discord bots. These bots add a wide range of additional functionality to servers and enable NFT creators to serve and manage their communities. For example, NFTLink is a bot that enables server owners to verify which members own specified NFTs so that thy can assign roles, benefits and access accordingly.

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