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House in Order

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She could feel the stress pinching at her shoulders. The year had barely begun, but already it was taking its toll. She needed to relax, but Aja was not the kind of person who could just do nothing. She emailed her boss that she would not be coming to work that day and she lay in her bed. She lay there, mulling over all the things that were causing the tightness along her shoulder blades. 

A short while later, she was still tense, but had her resting brain had formulated a plan. She went to the cupboard where she kept her cleaning supplies, put on some gloves and set about cleaning her house. She attacked the floors first. She put all objects in their rightful place and then hoovered. Flat surfaces were next. Papers were filed away, dishes and cups were put in the dishwasher; it was all so methodical, so calming. 

As she cleaned, Aja reflected: if only sorting out one’s life was as easy as cleaning one’s house. Perhaps it was. Perhaps all she needed to do was formulate a plan, clear her pathways and put everything in its place. She had finished cleaning the house now. The afternoon sun made the house sparkle, the order and neatness made her heart leap. She sat down at her laptop. She had sorted out her house. How hard could sorting out her life be?

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