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How and Why Creators Decide to Distribute Content as NFTs

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First a creator must create quality content. Then they must decide whether or not they want to sell that content, because there are benefits to be derived from merely sharing quality content (though selling and sharing are not mutually exclusive). Then, in the current context, the creator must decide whether their content is better sold via the blockchain or using off-chain methods. 


Blockchain technology offers new opportunities for creators to distribute and monetise their creativity. However, creators clearly have a choice as to whether or not they mint their creativity to the Blockchain. As builders in this space, it is useful for us to examine their thought process.

To Sell or Not to Sell

When a digital creator comes to the distribution stage of their creative process, they actually have to first make the decision about whether or not they should sell or merely share their content. Social media platforms like Instagram have established and incentivised the social convention of freely sharing content. This can be contrasted with a platform like Only Fans or Gumroad where users pay to consume. 

Here are some potential considerations creators might make to come to a decision:

To Mint, or Not To Mint

Once the decision has been made to sell, the secondary question of whether to mint to the blockchain may arise for a knowledgeable or curious creator.

Here are some potential considerations:

Creators might also consider the following differences between on and off chain digital goods: 

These last two considerations/benefits might not be immediately apparent in all verticals and may require creator/consumer education to be factors that are actively considered. 


A number of factors are involved in a creator’s decision to sell their content, and yet more impact their decision to sell via the Blockchain. I hope that this note helped to illuminate the decision making process. Feel free to comment or message with your thoughts on additional considerations that could be added, or on this topic more generally.

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