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How artists can promote their NFTs

It is exciting to list your first NFT for sale. But what do you do if several days, or several weeks pass without a sale? Here’s my advice to artists as they get started in the NFT space.

Share your story

When you meet someone for the first time, you want to know a little about them. You want to know their story. The same is true for artists. When I find an artist, at an exhibition, on Instagram on Twitter or on OpenSea, I want to find out more about them and the story behind their art. Social media platforms are great for sharing your story, especially social audio platforms like Twitter Spaces and Clubhouse. I for one would also love to see more NFT artists sharing their stories on YouTube.

Take us behind the scenes

Art lovers are not only interested in the finished product – a lot of us are interested in the process. I love to see artists’ studios, their tools and equipment. Even if it’s just a desk and an iPad, it’s great to peek behind the scenes.

Keep creating

The NFT space moves super fast, but it’s also super early. If your first piece doesn’t sell, keep creating. I like to see that an artist has a body of work – this tells me that I am investing into something substantive and that the artist probably has longevity. If I love your art, I want to see more of it next month, next year and in the next decade!

Find your tribe

As I said above, the NFT space is still very young, and if you are in it now, you are on a journey of discovery, as we all are. The key thing is not to go on this journey alone. Find fellow artists, as well as NFT collectors, crypto enthusiasts and blockchain innovators to journey together with. As the space grows, your tribe will grow. Remember, your biggest collector in this decade might be someone who won’t discover NFTs until 2025.

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