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How to Win Clients and Influence Parents

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Another completed project, another satisfied client. Biola looked around at her handiwork. After almost a decade as an interior designer, a newly finished room still thrilled her as much as her very first one. She was the very definition of ‘booked and busy.’ She was just waiting for her client to sign off on completion and then she would be going to a briefing session with her next client in the afternoon.

It had not been an easy road. Biola’s parents had initially discouraged her from pursuing the career path. They felt that it was neither stable more lucrative. After her first year working on projects, Biola had little to argue against their position. Work had been sporadic and money was short. She had to do something.

So when Biola’s parents went away on their summer holiday, she hatched a plan. Whilst her parents were away for the six weeks, she redecorated their entire house. With little money to buy expensive accessories and furnishings, she improvised at every step – spending hours in front of videos online learning woodworking, upholstery and every other skill she needed to get the job done. When her parents returned to the house, they were stunned into silence.

From then on, every time their friends visited, Biola’s parents would sing the praises of their “talented daughter.” She secured many clients as a result of her parents’ praises. Slowly, she built a respected and well-known practice. Her clients loved her – even the ones who were unsure at first and needed a little convincing.

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