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Hunting Together

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By necessity, Doyin had taught his five year old daughter how to kill. At first it had been small creatures: squirrels and wild birds. As she grew older and more experienced, Bimpe was able to take down animals more than twice her size. She had a natural gift with a spear. He could almost believe that she controlled them with her mind; even when a spear seemed to be off course, at the very last second it would somehow drift into the perfect angle of descent to pierce her prey. Bimpe was thirteen now, with almost all the skills she needed to survive what the world had become. 

Some days, Doyin wished that Bimpe could have experienced the world before. The world of convenience, the world of technology. But wishing was futile now. Humanity’s hubris had led to a destruction so complete that even the remnants of the old world that existed in Doyin’s memory were rubble amidst the towering rocks of his current reality. 

As they crouched down, a deer in their sights, Doyin felt grateful for the life they had managed to build for themselves in the midst of the wrecked world. They were alive. They were together. In the next few moments he would hand Bimpe the spear. She would take down the deer. They would feast, and they would live to fight another day.

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