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There once was a woman who could not sleep. She pulled her covers tight around her, hoping to drift away to the land of dreams. Yet, she remained wide awake, as if slumber was an alien concept to her body. She got up to make herself a cup of hot chocolate. She scooped out the cocoa, added sugar and poured in the milk. She stirred the mixture and put it in the microwave. Surely the steady mechanical him would lull her into drowsiness. Alas, at the ping, she was just as alert as before. She returned to her bed, steaming cup in hand and drank the warm sleep elixir hoping for the best. It was ineffective. She pulled out her phone. She knew social media scrolling would only lead to doom and not to sleep, so instead she did a search for ‘insomnia’. The first result was a short story. Perhaps that would put her sleep. She clicked the link. The story read: ‘There once was a woman who could not sleep…’

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