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It Came Through the Vortex

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“Care to explain?” asked the headmistress.

I did want to explain, but how could I? How do you explain that there is an inter-dimensional vortex directly underneath the school? How do you explain that you and your friends were the only ones who could even attempt to control it, because you had fallen through a similar vortex? It would be impossible to explain that after falling through, the four of you had spent five years travelling through dimensions before you were able to make it back. When we got back, only a few hours had passed for everyone else. It was a story no one would believe, so it was not worth telling.

“I’m not going to lie to you, Mrs Adeola,” I said. “I thought that the school was in danger.”

“And, pray tell, what was the danger?”

“It’s difficult to explain.”

I could see the frustration building in Mrs Adeola’s face. I was frustrated too. If we could only figure out a way to stabilise the vortex, there would be no issue. In the five years we were travelling, we had learned so much about the vortexes. They remained unpredictable and unimaginably powerful, but we could stabilise and manoeuvre them. To some extent at least. I had been forced to pull the fire alarm because our readings had been fluctuating so wildly. The last time we had seen such a volatile vortex, it had caused an earthquake. Kaya, Bide and Sayo were still down in the basement trying to figure out what to do. I had bought them some time, at a cost. 

“Tani, the fact that you’ve been an exemplary student up till now is the only reason I didn’t expel you the moment I saw the video footage,” said Mrs Adeola. “I’ve called your parents, and you are suspended until further notice.”

“You have two minutes to collect your things, and then I want to see you sitting on the bench outside my office, where I can see you.”

I ran down to the basement.

“I’m suspended,” I announced as I ran into the room.

I stopped in my tracks. Kaya, Bide and Sayo were similarly frozen. In front of them, hanging in the air in front of the vortex, was a giant glowing gelatinous orb.

“We have a bit of a situation,” said Bide.

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