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The first instance of the phenomenon was covered as a human interest story by the media. A man from Rivers State had a tracker in his cat named Tiger. The cat went missing and the tracker went dead. Four weeks later, the tracker was live again. His cat was in Egypt.

A news crew managed to track down the cat. It was sat on of the sphinx statutes in the Avenue of Sphinxs in Luxor.

“Tiger Tiger, this intrepid cat, is far away from her native Nigeria,” remarked the news reporter. “Yet, she seems to be at home with these sphinxs that pay homage to her ancient ancestors.”

“And do you have anything to say for yourself?” The reporter asked jokingly before holding a microphone to the mouth of the cat.

The cat looked up, stared down the lens of the camera for a moment and then said, “Meow.”

It was as the reporter and her cameraman were packing away their equipment that they noticed other cats in the vicinity.

A week later, some kids uploaded a video to social media showing what looked like at least one hundred cats at the site. It was not only domestic cats. Soon lions, tigers, panthers and other species of canine began to appear at the site. There were reports of cats making the pilgrimage from as far away as Norway. They stowed onto cargo ships in such numbers that captains had no choice but to set sail with their feline cargo.

A few months after Tiger’s arrival, there were millions of cats in Luxor. For the most part, they ignored humans, solely focused on getting as close to the Avenue as they possibly could.

Then one morning, they began to leave. Cats began reappearing in homes across the world. Some that had escaped from zoos were even found back in their cages. No one knows what mobilised them, or why they went to Luxor. No one knows why they returned from whence they came. Worst of all, no one knows what could happen next.

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