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Once Upon a Mistake

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The prince swung his feet over the balcony and jumped onto the floor. He crouched down breathing heavily, taking in the beauty and opulence of the palace. He had dreamed of this moment for years, ever since he had heard the legend of the sleeping princess. 

He walked further into the room, and then he saw her. She was beautiful. He had imagined that she would be lying down, on a bed perhaps, but strangely, she was sleeping upright. He walked closer. When he was about five paces from her, her eyes flicked open. He stopped in his tracks. This was not what he was expecting. 

“What is your name?” she asked. 

“I am Prince Olufsen,” he responded. “I have come to rescue you from the slumber curse. The legend of the sleeping princess states that I must kiss you to wake you, and then I will reign as King.”

She laughed, and raised her sword. 

“You are mistaken,” she said. “The prophesy of the sleeping guardian states that a foreigner would come seeking to rule the land, and I must kill him.”

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