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Small Miracles

You wonder if it was all a lie. The movies of your childhood have transitioned in your mind: from childish delights, to propaganda, to pure deception. Life is not a box of chocolates. It’s more like a squid game; an onslaught of challenges that you barely know the rules for.  

You have just left the office, and your body and mind are exhausted as you make your way home. As you walk, you look the people around you. You wonder if they feel similarly tricked. Perhaps they never believed the propaganda. Or perhaps they have managed to taste from the box of sweetness. 

You notice a man at the side of the road. He is seated, head down, with a small container and a scrawled note in front of him. You don’t read the note. You feel inside your pocket, and feel the recognisable texture of currency. It is a small miracle. You rarely have any physical money on you. You drop the note in his container and walk quickly away. He speaks thanks and blessings after you. 

Such small miracles must happen everyday, you think to yourself as you make your descent into the train station. Despite the daily grind and the constant demands on both time and mind, somehow the right things fall into place and good things happen. You wonder if that’s all it takes, the combination of provision and opportunity. If small miracles can happen, perhaps big ones are possible too. 

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