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Small Truths

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I remember back when no one took podcasting seriously. Even now, only a few eyes light up with interest or admiration when I reveal my profession. But back then, you either got a look of confusion, or a stifled laugh. What people don’t know, is that podcasting is an almost spiritual profession. Most people listen to podcasts through headphones, so I am literally speaking directly into their ears. My voice is in their heads. I am closer to them than the angel on their shoulder. When I record, I feel like a priest taking my own confession. I cannot sit there in my solitude and lie. That lie would carry to thousands of ears and pollute the world in ways I cannot imagine. So, I must test every word that comes from my mouth. Alone in my chamber with machines to capture my breath, my voice, my words, I do my best to record small truths. 

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