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Summer Sports Day

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We had a day of joy planned,

Organised fun of the highest order,

But though the grey skies poured out a deluge,

The rain could not stop us.

The boombox continued to blast out afrobeats and ampiano,

The goal for the penalty shootouts stood tall,

The skipping rope commanded its leaping tributes,

The rope for the tug of war was wet but taut,

And we leaned back,

As we had been taught by Terror Squad and that episode of Squid Games.

The smell of suya and oxtail pierced the wet air,

And then lingered on our tongues,

And there was laughter,

And there was levity,

Welcome distractions from corporate endings,

And unknown beginnings.

The sun was a stranger that day,

Perhaps so that the light in our eyes would shine brighter,

The rain fell harder that day,

Perhaps to remind us that we too are blessings upon the earth.

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