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The Diary of an Actor

Today I had my first-ever speaking role. I was a student in a school-based mockumentary sitcom television series. I gave the correct answer when the teacher asked what the capital city of Brazil was.

My inbox is bursting with audition requests forwarded by my agent. Apparently, a lot of people are hiring for a ‘precocious pre-teen’.

After a day of acting, singing and dancing classes, as well as my normal school classes, I am exhausted. Becoming a triple threat takes a lot of work.

I had a table read for a new teen drama series. It’s my first job as a series regular. The showrunner shared her vision for the series. I was so inspired.

I’m in the running for a feature film role. The director wanted to have dinner with me but didn’t want my mum to come. Looks like this won’t be my first film role.

They’ve hired a new director for that film. She was impressed with my audition and wants to offer me the role.

It’s Oscar night. I’m in the running for best supporting actress. I’m up against some amazing talents. I’m happy just to have been nominated.

Ever since I won my Oscar, I’ve been receiving hate mail. According to social media, I didn’t deserve it. So now I deserve death threats?

Everyone loved the dress I wore to the Met Gala, which apparently now means they love me.

The job offers keep coming. An Oscar and being the darling of the Met Gala carry more weight than even I realised. I should be good with film projects for the next few years.

This will be my last diary entry for a while. I’m working on a script, I’ve already pitched a few producers and they are very interested. I’ve been an actor since before I could speak. Maybe I can be something more.

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