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The Five Sections Every NFT Project Website Needs to Have

If you’ve been in the NFT space for a minute, you will have seen NFT project websites that look pretty similar. It may seem formulaic, but there are at least five essential features that such websites need to have in order to serve the needs of collectors.

Drop information

This comes first because it is the primary call to action – you want people to buy your NFT. At the appropriate time you will display your ‘Mint’ button, but you should also clearly outline the number of NFTs in the collection, the price of each NFT, the sale method and any other essential information.

The story

What you are trying to do here is craft a narrative that collectors can connect to. Maybe the NFTs come from your personal story, or maybe you have built a fictional world from which the characters of your NFTs emerge. Either way, telling this story is the first step to get a potential collector hooked.

The roadmap

There is much debate in the NFT space regarding the necessity and validity of roadmaps. You should have a high level of certainty that you will be able to deliver the things you put on your roadmap. The safest approach is to have a roadmap that only goes to up sell out, e.g. having milestones at 25%, 50, 75% and 100% of the collection sold. Any milestones beyond this point should probably go in a separate section and you should have some way to demonstrate your ability to actually execute on them. My advice would be to under promise and over deliver.

The team

The question here is to dox (i.e. reveal real identities) or not to dox. The goal of blockchain technology is to remove the need for trust between parties, but when it comes to NFTs, especially those with utility, collectors need to be able to assess the authenticity of NFT creators and their ability to deliver on any promises.


You need a section to answer any questions people may have about your project. As you engage with potential collectors on Twitter Spaces, Discord, etc, you will start to hear the same questions. These questions should be compiled in your FAQs section.

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