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The Life Changing Impact of NFTs | Esther Kuforiji In Conversation with Lana Denina

In this episode, I am in conversation with Lana Denina, a Montreal based visual artist. Lana was one of the first artists that I came across when I encountered the NFT space and her rise has been nothing short of inspirational.

Lana started creating her artwork within the traditional art space but after hearing about NFTs from her boyfriend, Lana decided to take a different approach with her art. After doing her research on the blockchain, learning what she needed to know, Lana finally felt ready to dive into the NFT space. 

Once in the NFT space, Lana realised that there was a lack of representation. This is what pushed Lana to make her well-known and very successful collection, The Mona Lana, a collection of 500 unique portraits of women. The collection is made of elegant diverse women, Lana made them so that women could identify themselves with one or more of the Mona’s. 

Thanks to Lana’s Mona Lana Collection, more women and men have made the decision to enter the NFT Space and she is charting a course that is inspiring other artists to join and thrive in the space.

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