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The Object of Your Obsession

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I linger on your mind like the morning fog,

But I do not lift.

My heavy clouds are on you morning noon and night,

Perhaps that is why you are so intoxicated with me,

I am the weather of your soul,

The climate of your thoughts.

Events transpire,

You occupy yourself with toil and cares,

But there I am,

As constant as the rising sun,

Setting the temperature of your life.

Such devotion,

Even my lovers do not show me the adoration that you do,

I wonder,

What could I have done to become the object of your obsession?

Tell me,

Have you ever hated someone the way you hate me?

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  1. Dear Esther.

    You made me cry today, because your latest “ The Object of Your Obsession” resonate with me.

    Thank you


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