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Unrelenting Hope

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I wear unrelenting hope, 

It is my armour,

My fortress,

It is a second skin,

Closer than a friend,

A landscape of light,

A land of love,

It is my constant companion,

My eternal bedfellow,

My fortified refuge,

It surrounds me,

It sticks close, 

We share the same skin,

Despite the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune,

I am protected,

And never alone.

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  1. Your Poems are amazing Queen 👑, I’m in love 😘, l am a young aspiring short story writer of indigenous languages(Venecular) and a proud international Poet. I am from Eswatini, small Country Next to South Africa, would love to feature in one of your poems.
    I do a lot of love poems.


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