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Want to learn more about NFTs? Here are the top 4 resources you need to check out.

The NFT space is so new that there are hardly any good resources for you to deep dive into to learn about the space. By far the best, and arguably only true way to learn about NFTs is to immerse yourself in what is happening right now, and there are four ways to do this.

Join NFT Twitter

The NFT community is strong on Twitter. Collectors are everywhere, with their profile sporting their PFP of choice. Most NFT projects have Twitter accounts and once you are following a couple of people in the space, you’ll begin to see NFT related Twitter Spaces popping up.

Join NFT Clubhouse

Nowadays you can almost always find a Clubhouse room where NFTs are being discussed. If there is a distinction between Clubhouse and Twitter Spaces in this regard, it is that Clubhouse rooms tend to be more creator focused.

Join Discord Servers

Every large NFT collection, and many artists, have their own Discord servers. These servers are a great place to learn more about individual collections, especially before their public drop. Pro-tip: for each sever you join, switch off ‘Allow Direct Messages’. Discord DMs are notorious for scammers.

Create your own NFT(s)

There are some things that you can only learn about the NFT space by getting involved as a creator. Platforms like OpenSea, tools like NiftyKit and people like Hashlips are doing amazing work to make minting your own NFTs very simple. I’m planning to mint my own NFTs just so I can see how things work on the backend. Of course, I’ll document my experiences in future Atomic Essays this month!

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