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What NFTs Mean for Art and Artists | Esther Kuforiji In Conversation with Misan Harriman

In this episode, I had an amazing conversation with Misan Harriman, London-based photographer, entrepreneur, social activist, founder of What We Seee and Chair of the Southbank Centre in London.

After receiving a camera from his wife for his fortieth birthday,  it can be said that there was no stopping Misan. He has since gone on to photograph high-profile celebrities such as Stormzy, Tom Cruise and Meghan Markle. Alongside these high-profile celebrity commissions,  Misan is known for documenting Extinction Rebellion, anti-Trump protests and the Black Lives Matter movement.

In 2020, Misan became the first Black person in the 104-year history of British Vogue to shoot the cover of its prestigious September issue. His rise in prominence continued with his appointment as the Chair of the Southbank Centre, London, in July 2021.

Misan is also a powerful advocate for arts placed at the centre of Web3. Misan is currently exploring how Web3 can help democratise merit-based opportunities for underrepresented artists on a global scale. Listen to this episode to find out more about Misan’s personal journey and his amazing impact.

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