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Why even skeptical artists should care about NFTs

I have enjoyed supporting and engaging with artists in the NFT space. However, I can see that some other artists are very skeptical about NFTs. Here’s why I think even skeptical artists should considering getting involved with NFTs:

You can sell your digital art in its native form

In essence, NFTs offer a verifiable and traceable way to sell digital art. Put simply, the blockchain is just a new medium/platform. You create prints, you post your art on Instagram, well now you can sell your art via the blockchain. This new medium is especially valuable for art forms including 3D art, animation and programmable art.

You can build a mutually beneficial community

In Web 3.0, your community will have a financial stake in your success and an incentive to support your advancement. If you become more successful, your NFT collectors will have an appreciating asset that they can hold or sell.

You could make some money

Not every artist making NFTs will become rich. However, the NFT market is full of people who want to buy art. If your art is on other platforms where it can be consumed or bought, adding NFT platforms to the mix just opens up more opportunities.

You can be an early adopter

An artist entering the NFT space right now is just like an artist setting up a website in the 90s. You will be early, but things you learn over the next 3-5 years will put you ahead of the game as we enter the next phase of the internet.

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