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Why verified NFT profile pictures on Twitter, and elsewhere soon, are great for creators

Twitter just introduced verified NFT profile pictures. This feature allows users to connect their NFT wallets and display the NFTs they own as their profile picture. The difference between this and simply uploading the image is verifiable proof of ownership.

For now this feature is restricted to Twitter Blue users, but I’m pretty sure it will be extended more broadly as it is iterated and built out. Also, Meta and Instagram recently announced that they would be integrating NFTs into their products.

This development is significant for the creator economy in three main ways:

  1. Verified NFT profile pictures assist discovery
  2. Verified NFT profile pictures allow creators to identify their community
  3. Verified NFTs lay the groundwork for token gated experiences

1) Verified NFT profile pictures assist discovery

NFTs are still a relatively new and unknown phenomenon. Verified NFT profile pictures put NFTs on a stage for everyone to see and offer people a route to find out more. I’ve often noticed great art in profile pictures, but if the user does not tweet about the artist or mention them in their bio, it’s difficult to find out more about the art and artist. With this new feature, in a matter of clicks, I can find out about more about the art, the collection and the creator. This feature will greatly help users discover and learn about new NFTs.

2) Verified NFTs allow creators to identify their community

PFP NFTs as a category are about art + identity. They can serve as ‘membership IDs’ for a community of people with a shared interest. Verified NFT profile pictures will allow creators to identify their community members on Twitter and other social platforms. Creators can thus engage with and build community with their community members.

3) Verified NFTs lay the groundwork for token gated experiences

Verified NFT profile pictures are only the first step. Platforms like Twitter will eventually enable this verification to be a ticket to access. For example, we could eventually see Twitter Spaces or Instagram Lives that are only accessible to people with a particular NFT, or Twitter Communities and Facebook Groups that require an NFT to join.

In conclusion, this is the first drop of a massive wave. Creators should now be thinking deeply about how they can use their NFTs to build and bring value to their communities across multiple platforms.

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