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New Heights


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Could TikTok Be the Dark Horse in the Search War Between ChatGPT and Google?

ChatGPT has been cited as a potential ‘Google-killer’ due to its ability to serve some of the jobs that many people previously looked to...

Why Countries and Companies Are Banning Chat GPT

Last month, Italy became the first company to restrict national access to ChatGPT. A number of companies such as Samsung, Amazon and JP Morgan...

AI Technology: The Stuff Dreams are Made Of

The fact that none of these women are real scares some people. I admit, as with all technology, there is potential for the ability to...

Short Stories (2021)

The Black Butterfly

Taiwo has studied quantum physics her whole life. Now a top London startup claims that it has cracked the code for time travel. What lies in store for Taiwo as she examines their incredible claims?

Every Dog Has His Day

A secluded island. A cute dog named Oscar. The perfect way to wait out the pandemic?

The Big Picture

A rich young socialite is having an art gala to celebrate her birthday. So why is a former intelligence agent in attendance?

Me, Myself & I

Good Friday

Sound of the Underground

The Keys

Just the Two of Us

The Family