Watching Red Skies


Watching Red Skies


The Futurist

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Love, War & Peace

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AI Technology: The Stuff Dreams are Made Of

The fact that none of these women are real scares some people. I admit, as with all technology, there is potential for the ability to...

How and Why Creators Decide to Distribute Content as NFTs

TL;DR First a creator must create quality content. Then they must decide whether or not they want to sell that content, because there are benefits...

Free NFTs: How they work today

Free NFTs are a fairly common feature of the NFT space. There is already a lot of diversity, but we can group the different...

Short Stories (2021)

The Black Butterfly

Taiwo has studied quantum physics her whole life. Now a top London startup claims that it has cracked the code for time travel. What lies in store for Taiwo as she examines their incredible claims?

Every Dog Has His Day

A secluded island. A cute dog named Oscar. The perfect way to wait out the pandemic?

The Big Picture

A rich young socialite is having an art gala to celebrate her birthday. So why is a former intelligence agent in attendance?

Me, Myself & I

Good Friday

Sound of the Underground

The Keys

Just the Two of Us

The Family